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Item Price Quantity
Lonestar Retractor Ring 14.2cm x 14.2cm SKU# 16050 $130.00
Elastic Stays (6 pack) SKU# 16150 $60.00
Lone Star Retractor Ring 25 cm x 14.2 cm SKU# 16000

Veterinary Retractor Ring is designed to be used in general, abdominal, neurological, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. It adapts to the anatomy of the surgical site by simple adjustment, and allows the veterinary professional to perform surgery without the need of an assistant.

13 mm x 16 mm Solid Curved Blunt Blade Elastic Stay - 4 pack SKU #16200 $75.00
6.5mm x 16mm Solid Curved Blunt Blade Elastic Stays 4/pk SKU#16225 $75.00
5mm Semi-blunt PRO-Stay(plastic resin) Stays 8/pk SKU#16175 $95.00
14mm x 16mm 2-Finger Blunt Curved Elastic Stays 4/pk SKU#16250 $75.00
5mm Elastic Stays (8 pack) SKU# 16180 $95.00
7mm 2-Finger Blunt Elastic Stays (4/pk) SKU# 16255 $75.00

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