VSP Avian Restraint Collars & Extensions Magazine

VSP Avian Restraint Collars are designed to prevent self-trauma from picking or chewing at feathers, feet, wounds, and skin and post-operative lesions. Each lightweight, clear acrylic collar comes with one easy-cut vinyl extension, offering the benefits of a tube collar in combination with an Elizabethan collar. There are four sizes (X-small, Small, Medium and Large) of acrylic collars for birds ranging in size from small cockatiels to large macaws. Most birds acclimate quickly, and the collar may be worn for long periods of time. Sold only to veterinarians or with a veterinarian’s oral or written recommendation.

Item Price Quantity
VSP Avian Restraint Collar & Extension X-Small SKU# 10010 $17.00
VSP Avian Restraint Collar & Extension Small SKU# 10020 $19.00
VSP Avian Restraint Collar & Extension Medium SKU# 10030 $25.00
VSP Avian Restraint Collar & Extension Large SKU# 10040 $27.00
VSP Replacement X-Small & Small Collar Extensions (5 pack) SKU# 10300 $16.00
VSP Replacement Medium Collar Extensions (3 pack) SKU# 10130 $13.00
VSP Replacement Large Collar Extensions (3 pack) SKU# 10140 $16.00
VSP Replacement Medium & Large Avian Collar Pegs (10 pack) SKU# 10044 $2.00
VSP Replacement X-Small & Small Avian Collar Pegs (10 pack) SKU# 10011 $1.50

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