ZuPreem® Natural Diets Magazine

ZuPreem® Natural Premium Bird Food is formulated to meet all the accepted nutrient requirements for the maintenance of various types of adult psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills). The diets are nutritionally balanced and require no supplements. Natural Premium Bird Food contains no colorants and appeal to bird owners who want to feed a more natural diet. Added carrots, celery, beets, watercress and spinach ground from fresh vegetables for a great veggie flavor that increases palatability so even the most finicky birds find these diets irresistible.

Item Price Quantity
Natural Diets - Large Parrots (L) 3lb bag $9.31
Natural Diets - Large Parrots (L) 20lb bag $44.08
Natural Diets - Parrots & Conures (ML) 3lb bag $9.31
Natural Diets - Parrots & Conures (ML) 20lb bag $44.08
Natural Diets - Cockatiels (M) 2.5lb bag $7.43
Natural Diets - Cockatiels (M) 20lb bag $44.08
Natural Diets - Parakeets (S) 2.5lb bag $6.97
Natural Diets - Parakeets (S) 20lb bag $44.08

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