Silicon Feeding Tubes Magazine

Disposable, silicon feeding tubes are sterile and individually packaged, and can be used with birds, reptiles and small mammals. They are also ideal for hand feeding young or debilitated/hospitalized birds, because they are flexible, atraumatic and do not injure sensitive tissue. So economical you can use a new one with each use, and can be sold to pet owners for home feedings. Clear smooth tip with two holes on side of tip for efficient delivery of nutrition in a liquid form. Cyrolite Luer lock connectors provide a secure connection for use with a 12-20 cc feeding syringe. Also, use the Cyrolite Tube Connector when connecting to a standard syringe. The five diameter sizes in a standard 7" (18 cm) length meet the needs of every patient and have different colors for easy recognition.

2.0 mm= lovebirds, budgerigars, cockatiels, larger lovebirds, other South American parakeets and smaller Australian parakeets

3.0 mm= medium-sized South American Parakeets, Senegal Parrots, Ring-necked Parakeets

4.0 mm= large South American and Australian parakeets, Red-vented Cockatoos, Pionus Parrots, smaller amazons, Timneh Grey Parrots, most Amazon species, African Grey Parrots, medium-sized cockatoos

5.0 mm= large cockatoos, medium-sized macaws, large Amazons (e. g. Mealy Amazon)

6.0 mm= large macaws

Item Price Quantity
Silicon Feeding Tube 3.0 mm SKU# 70030 $3.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 4.0 mm SKU# 70040 $3.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 5.0 mm SKU# 70050 $3.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 6.0 mm SKU# 70060 $3.00
Cyrolite Tube Connector SKU# 70099 $3.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 2.0 mm SKU# 70020 $3.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 80 cm x 4.7 mm SKU# 70840 $13.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 80 cm x 5.3 mm SKU# 70850 $13.00
Silicon Feeding Tube 80 cm x 6.0 mm SKU# 70860 $13.00

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